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Justin Trudeau: America In Danger, non-fiction

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Layne Morris, USA Military, on the Trudeau award of 10,000,000 dollars to Al Qaida connected Omar Khadr:  “I don’t see this as anything but treason. It’s something a traitor would do. As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Trudeau should be charged.”

Justin Trudeau, on compassion for ISIS: Dec 2, 2017 – In Parliament…Trudeau confirmed that his government will “help them (Canadians in ISIS) let go of that terrorist ideology.” By allowing and funding “re-hab” treatment, a plan copied exactly from Sweden, he paves the way for ISIS to serve in both the national police and the military.


This controversial and daring new book tackles the Niagara Falls of  news stories emanating from the Liberal Party rule of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the son of the deceased  Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. (Trudeau is rumoured to be the love child of Fidel Castro: judge for yourself by the many photographs.)

Every chapter zings with endangerment to traditional Western democratic values, posing a threat to both the people of Canada and the people of the United States, and their centuries old  friendship.  New friends emerge influencing Trudeau, Iqra Khalid, Pakistani Muslim who contributed new Blasphemy Laws, with an emphasis on criticizing her own faith, and Maryam Monsef, an Iranian who lied on her immigration papers, and then sought to restructure electoral procedure dating back to 1867, the founding of Canada.

This New Canada should be examined by all free peoples.

For unknown to many, Trudeau began years before his election visiting Radical Islam events, associated with international speakers who favour more draconian laws in the countries that welcome them, in tune with their deep religious beliefs.  Far from holding those new citizens  wholly responsible, the author holds the Trudeau government responsible for alienating a huge majority of Canadians.   American readers will note the chapters of special interest to them as well.

*$10,000,000 settlement paid out to Al Qaida connected Omar Khadr by Trudeau, for what he believed to be wrongful imprisonment by the American government.

*The San Bernardino shooters and how they connect to an Islamic school in Ontario, that recommends polygamy, and forbids cameras

*The Women’s March in Washington DC and how Chris Bittle, Trudeau associate, connects, while he condemns criticism of ISIS returning terrorists as racist!

*December 2017 vote of the entire Liberal Party of Canada to Welcome Back ISIS! including government aid such as “rehabilitation”

*Hypocritical treatment of women with women who object to lax attitudes on FGM, female genital mutilation, and honour killings also being called “racist”.  Wife Beating booklets sold openly in Toronto, Dundas Square, by Islamic student groups

Amazon Book! Justin Trudeau: America In Danger!

Insults To Many Other Faiths And Cultures!

*attacks on Jews doubled with first year of his reign, 2016

*huge friction with Christian groups, with abortions allowed up till 9 months

*bizarre rules for public schools, attacking the words mother and father

*breakdown of separation of church and state, favouring mostly one religion

*huge amount of Chinese Canadians blamed for a foul and non-existent attack on a little girl, and demonstrations all over Canada by the rightfully upset Chinese popultion

*Hindu Canadians ignored in their demands for accountability for the Air India bombings, and the government of India slighted for decades as a secondary concern

*the majority population of Sri Lanka upset as well, as Justin Trudeau honours only the revolutionary Tamil Tigers in his congratulatory speeches to the country of Sri Lanka



The Fraser Institute:  “Trudeau….on track to increase federal debt by more than any other prime minister not burdened by a world war or recession.”  He never held a steady job until by virtue of his family name, and movie star looks, won the top job.

Michelle Rempel, Twitter:  “Trudeau is removing references to female genital mutilation as being a harmful practice from Canada’s Citizenship guide.”  He is also upset by the phrase of Honour Killing, as he does not want to upset Islamic extremists who may follow such practises.  He object early on to the use of the word barbaric, and sought to choke and muzzle free speech.

The Washington Post, USA:  Mar 7, 2017 – “In fact, the Ontario motion didn’t even pretend to be about all forms of bigotry, referring solely to “hate-attacks, threats of violence and hate crimes against people of the Muslim faith.” And, of course … Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is putting Muslim feelings above free speech.”


WE HAVE EDITED THIS BOOK, to allow the others around this issue to speak for themselves.   The good news is that there are so many scandals  – that the book is a snappy, succinct, and urgent read for ALL Canadians who must talk out quickly.








Yellow Racism as Large as White Racism, non-fiction, Arielle Gabriel, Spring 2017.

The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept. of Miracles, memoir, Arielle Gabriel,  available now 2017




Reviews of the  writer,  Arielle Gabriel,  who dared to say Asian Racism is just as large and wrongful as Western Racism.  And while writing about poverty and racism in the city of Hong Kong, her major support surprisingly also comes from Canada, the United States, and other geographical areas.


“Clear soul.”    Bahman Ghasemi

“Good writer.”    Ayman Sayed

“A force to be reckoned with.”    Richard P. Geer

“The abundance of the new, foreign, and utterly interesting infos…literally gave my faculties the run of the lifetime…so thank you so much for them.”    Muhammed Bukhary

“Spirited.”  Joyce Carol Oates

“I really like your way of telling the details.”  A. Shwail

“Great writing.”  Barbara Gillis

“Creative.”  Wong Kin Chung

“Wow! I’m going to read it for the fourth time – thank you.”  Amal Khafaoui

“Thanks for sharing the story of your trip to Nepal – I enjoyed reading it.”  Yasser Dibs

“Arielle, thank you for sharing all these with me.  I felt I was there with you.  Your writing style is so  unique and your diary took me to Nepal by itself.”  Arash Ghazazaei


 The  Goddess Of Mercy  & The Dept. of Miracles,  Basic Edition, 2015 , available now.

The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept. of Miracles is a true life memoir unlike any other:

  ” I was born on  a Monday. I was born with a caul. I was born to a handsome blue-eyed black-haired father & a beautiful green-eyed blond-haired mother.”

Have you ever wondered if good or bad deeds from other lives affect you in this life?  Hundreds of millions of people around the world believe in karma, and reincarnation.  The author of this memoir is a Buddhist who dreams of lives in other centuries, and wonders how those lives as both a rich woman in colonial America and as a poor woman in Victorian England affect her present life.

If you have ever studied with Buddhist teachers, lecturers, or sages, this story is unique and refreshing.  Yet the book about an artist and entrepreneur’s struggles and successes in Asia resonate with many, not just those on spiritual paths:  men and women, travellers and ex-pats and ESL teachers, Asians and Westerners.

The author freely admits her struggles with flaws as a Buddhist – such as crying too much, and pinching extra cream from Starbucks!  You can relate on a human level to her.  She wonders why she suffered major financial disaster in Hong Kong, the least forgiving of all major world cities of financial flops.   Her Diaries focus on 15 months of Homelessness , punctuated with cheerful and contrary accounts of a happy and normal childhood in a middle class Canadian family.

“After I suffered a Bernie Madoff financial defrauding, I left my oceanfront home and went to live in the Hong Kong International Airport for 15 months.  Stranded, alone, and in a foreign country I commenced to write a book about my own life,  as I studied the other homeless people living at one of the world’s largest airports.  More than 100 of them, though the number shifts.   The airport characters are surprisingly rich in variety, nationality, race, and religion.

I began keeping a Daily Diary.  Some days rich in homeless stories, other days dragged.  So I wrote about other things.  Buddhism, and my belief that I would be saved from my Dickensian plight.  My faith in miracles began even as a Canadian child, attending Sunday School at whichever mainstream Christian church we lived  closest to.

I call my own life pattern The Yo Yo Destiny.  Many Ups & Downs, though I aspire as a Buddhist to calmness.  Born to much good fortune in Canada.  I travelled to Europe 10 times before I was 20 years old.   Also to the Caribbean, and all over North America.  Problems such as parental divorce in Montreal, a car accident on the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver causing 76 months of excruciating pain.  As well as much love and friendship, and many artistic accomplishments. With so little support in Hong Kong for the life story of a Financial Failure, I then felt totally free to write in an innovative way about other topics, and add them to the Homeless Diaries Pages:

The Dept. of Miracles:  True life miracles from my own life.   The Bird That Flew To My Heart.  The Christmas Tree.  Escape From Tetanus Poisoning.
The Dept. of Quan Yin:  Miracles recorded in China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan, about the beloved Goddess of Mercy, who hears the cries of all human beings.
The Dept. of Past Life Dreams:  True stories about my dreams.   Life As A Victorian Pauper.   Life As A Colonial Lady In America.  Life As A Nun.   Life As A Child In Russia.  Life As An American Courtroom Artist.
The Dept. of Women’s Woes:    The Chinese Concubine In Kowloon.   The British Call Girl Who Disappeared.   The Russian Fashion Models Agency.   The Nathan Road Massage Salon.  The Taipei Brothel Adventure.  Job Offer As A Chinese Concubine In Shenzhen.
The Dept. of Canadiana:  Gloria, The Flying Ballerina Doll.  French & English: Two Solitudes.   The White Slave Trade.   True Love & The Astral Cord.   Cry Baby!  The Dept. of Travel:   Antigua, India, Wales, Taiwan, England, Nepal.

I began writing this book living mostly at Hong Kong Airport Airport with some holidays in campgrounds and 24/7 health spas of Shenzhen, and then the book turned into a book about Buddhism, my faith in miracles, and my desire to learn from my disaster thoroughly, so I could end the Bad Karma.  As I wrote on and on, the story turned into a book about womenm Canada, my childhood….”


All readers who share Arielle Gabriel’s interest in  life as a spiritual journey, or even just as an amazing Adventure Story, will find this a unique and refreshing read that they will never forget.

NOW all thousands of Internet friends can BUY this book at this Lulu Books Order page:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/arielle-gabriel/the-goddess-of-mercy-the-dept-of-miracles/paperback/product-22157318.html

APRIL 2018, Information Pages May Be Being Updated.


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Reviews On Previous Writings & Art


“Clear soul.”    Bahman Ghasemi, Tehran, Iran

“Good writer.”    Ayman Sayed, Egypt.

“A force to be reckoned with.”    Richard P. Geer, Halifax, Canada.

“The abundance of the new, foreign, and utterly interesting infos…literally gave my faculties the run of the lifetime…so thank you so much for them.”    Muhammed Bukhary, Istanbul, Turkey.

“Spirited.”  Joyce Carol Oates, USA.

“I really like your way of telling the details.”  A. Shwail, Cairo, Egypt.

“Great writing.”  Barbara Gillis, New Westminster, Canada.

“Creative.”  Wong Kin Chung, Vancouver, Canada.

“Wow! I’m going to read it for the fourth time – thank you.”  Amal Khafaoui, Marrakesh, Morocco.

“Thanks for sharing the story of your trip to Nepal – I enjoyed reading it.”  Yasser Dibs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“Arielle, thank you for sharing all these with me.  I felt I was there with you.  Your writing style is so  unique and your diary took me to Nepal by itself.”  Arash Ghazazaei, Iran.